June 9, 2019


We are growing in ways we have not foreseen.  In the past, the idea was to get people together physically in one place by planning annual conferences or encouraging Messianic Deaf believers to attend a Messianic synagogue that provides ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters.  We are no longer limited by these choices, although they are still available.  (The list of interpreted Messianic synagogues is still available on our website, in the Links menu). For many of us, going to a Messianic synagogue is not always feasible, either because of remote location or/and interpreters not available.  Many of us feel left out and alone, without fellowship.  This is not part of Yehovah's plan.  So we have started online groups that meet on a regular basis.  Some of us meet together in real-time.  Some of us meet in other ways through social medias.  After many attempts, we have found the following ways to meet online to be the best...

About 227 members since 2011.  We have some interesting posts and discussions about different topics.  The name is Signs & Wonders Ministry and it is a Closed Group.  Send us a request to join group at this link:

As of June 9, 2019, we have a new Facebook Page to post events and information to anyone interested in learning more about the Jewish Messiah.  Click on this Deaf Messianic News link:

This is also new.  We would like to give this a try!
Send us a message via Face Page Messenger at this link:

Since 2017, we have been meeting online regularly through videoconferencing and teaching weekly Torah Drash and other Hebraic roots subjects.  This is our Online Videoconferencing Shabbat Service in ASL via www.zoom.us.  We meet on Saturdays at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, or 10:00 AM Central Time.  In order to join this group, please fill out the Form on our website with a request to join us on Zoom.  http://www.signswondersministry.com/2012/09/contact-us.html   We will email you the link with the Zoom ID meeting number.  The link will work only when the meeting is in progress, in real-time.

This is basically a social media group that meets through a mobile application called Marco Polo, which is mostly for video messaging.  It is more informal than our videoconferencing Shabbat service.  Often, we have more questions regarding the previous teaching on Zoom videoconferencing and continue to have interesting and open discussions about various topics.  The only pre-requisite is that you are fluent in ASL.  Fill out the Form on our website, send us your text number and/or email address with request to join Marco Polo Group. http://www.signswondersministry.com/2012/09/contact-us.html

This has mostly been done mostly for prayer request.  Contact us first by filling out the online Form on http://www.signswondersministry.com/2012/09/contact-us.html and giving us your videophone number, if you need to talk to someone about something more personal or simply for a prayer request.  We believe ministering involve listening and praying for others.  We are more than just a teaching ministry, we are also a caring ministry. 

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