September 15, 2009

Lesson 6: Hebrew Gimel


This is the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
It is called "Gimel"
The letter looks like the profile of a man walking with his head bowed down.
During proto-canaanite period, this letter was carved on tablets to look like a camel.
It has several meanings:
-a camel
-benefited or lifted up
-to return someone
-to repay, to requite or to reciprocate, to recompense
-to deal fully or adequately
-to toil
It also represents the number 3.

In the story of Genesis 24, Abraham sent his servant to look for a wife for Isaac back from his own homeland. The servant took 10 camels and many gifts for the bride-to-be. He met the young Rebekah as she was going to the well to get water. After he prayed that she be the one, the girl gave him and his camels water. It was common in those days to purchase a bride from her father with many fine gifts. Rebekah turned out to be a relative of Abraham... she went with her maids and Abraham's servant to become Isaac's wife.

This story has all the elemental meanings of the letter Gimel:
The number 10 of camels, means completion.
Abraham's servant compensated the family of Rebekah with gifts.
He paid for the full price of the bride.
The servant returned to Abraham with the bride-to-be.
The bride rode the camel and was brought to Isaac.
Isaac benefited a wife and was lifted up.
The young girl was weaned from her family.
The servant's toil was done.

HalleluYah! How comforting it is to know that אב cares about us! As His body and His bride, Yeshua being the head of this body of believers, we will be taken care of. Yeshua, our bridegroom, the alef and the tav, את has paid the full price by the shedding of His blood on that stake. He was lifted up and carried to heaven until a certain time. Everyday we learn to humble ourselves so that אב can lift us up! He has given us spiritual gifts to equip us to grow the Kingdom of Elohim. We look forward when we can be brought to the Messiah as a pure Bride, full of joy and triumph! Meanwhile we have the Holy Spirit to comfort us. Until His coming again, the work of the Holy Spirit is not done. It remains for us to be weaned from the world with all its attractions and distractions. The more we are weaned from the world, the more we grow or ripen under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. What an extraordinary beautiful romantic story between Yeshua and his people! Amen!

Let's review our lessons so far:
א This is Alef, the first letter of Hebrew alphabet
ת This is Tav, the last letter of Hebrew alphabet
את This is the Alef and the Tav, representing Yeshua
ב This is Bet, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet
אב This is Abba, Father
ג This is Gimel, the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet

Don't forget to keep up with the lesson for next week, we will learn some words with Gimel. Have a blessed week!

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